our experties lie in
focusing on branding through wicked story telling
and developing programs that function with diabolical ease


"Make it simple, but significant" - Don Draper

Elixir Premium Ceylon Tea


HetaAda Workshop


Manja of the Kaffirs

Book Design

Pathfindr: A Network for Backpackers

Branding & UI Design

Nidahasa: Branding for the Senses




Logo Collection 2014



Our Think-Tank Harvest

  • Adelfa

    Online Business Management Tool

    Adelfa is a business management system that allows you to track online sales and keep accurate accounts. Adelfa is a highly flexible system that can adapt to most types of business. Practical Examples: purchasing system for an online retail store.

  • Elan

    A Mass Bulletin System

    Send unlimited notifications to an unlimited audience instantaneously at minimum cost. Use a variety of rich media to enhance your messages. Include images, audio, video, PDFs etc. Encourage rapid recipient feedback via built in action-buttons.

  • Wigi

    Deal Aggregation Service

    Wigi is a service that allows you to view deals from various trustworthy brands and as such is the first deal aggregator. The service has entered its internal testing phase. COMING SOON!

The Team

"It's not who we are underneath..."

Shabbir Sajjadhusain

Programmer & Fearless Leader

Taher Sajjadhusain

Designer & Resident Gamer

DigitalArc is a budding design studio found in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We focus on Web Design and Branding, adding our local curry spices in everything we do.

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